[This section is a work in progress]

Here is an overview of all the different models of buses in service in Perth. For more info click on the links below the images for some stats and variants!

Volvo Buses

2451 2019.08.12 MurdyStn

Volvo B7RLE

2755 2019.07.30 AdelaideTce

Volvo B8RLE

3069 2019.08.09 CollierPs

Volvo B8RLEA

3018 2019.07.15 RBusway

Volvo B12BLEA (coming soon)

Mercedes-Benz Buses

2109 2019.07.31 BusseltonDpt

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE (Diesel) (Regional Buses)(coming soon)

1980 2019.05.15 MurdyStn

Mercedes-Benz OC500LE (CNG) (coming soon)

1351 2019.07.08 HospitalAve

Mercedes-Benz O405NH (Diesel) (coming soon)

1816 2019.08.12 MurdyStn

Mercedes-Benz O405NH (CNG)(coming soon)

Other Manufacturers

3002 2019.05.31 ClarksonRd

Iveco Citelis 18 (CNG) (coming soon)

3001 2019.08.07 HospitalAve

MAN A24 NG313F (CNG) (coming soon)

3000 2019.05.15 AubinGroveStn

Scania L94UA (CNG) (coming soon)