Hey everyone, welcome to my site! I’m Squiddy, but most people in real-life call me Ben  : P

The purpose of this site is to showcase my collection of images of Transperth buses. I had a very long commute on public transport from home to uni and was always looking for new ways to pass the time (as I’m sure many others can relate!). A couple years back I started to notice all the different types of buses in Perth and created a spreadsheet to track them all! But as I got more involved with that I started to realise that I actually quite enjoyed it, and wanted to take it further!

So in late 2017 I decided to embark on this project. To photograph every single bus in Perth! It’s a challenge as there are always new ones being delivered and old ones being retired, but I’m trying my best  : D

As of December 10, 2018, I have about 80% of my collection complete, with roughly 1200 of the ~1500 buses in Perth photographed!

So that the site doesn’t take up a million gigabytes of WordPress storage I’m only posting one image of each bus, even though I have several images for most buses on here (I usually post the best one, but I make exceptions for particularly unusual observations).

For enquiries, if I’ve screwed up somewhere, if you wanna send me feedback, hate mail or anything inbetween feel free to send me an email at squiddysbuses@gmail.com





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