Featured Photo #1

2685 seen here on its first route in service! The bus clearly wasn’t ready for service when it came out today, it ran a quick route 598 to Greenfields then went straight back into the depot with technical issues. No route was displayed as the screens weren’t working properly, the driver thought they hadn’t been programmed properly yet. Eventually he managed to get the Blue CAT route showing at least, which is better than nothing but still confusing in Mandurah! There was also a fair few items left on the bus from the workshop like keys, documents, a tow hitch…

Has anyone ever seen a bus as shiny and clean as this one? It only had 230km on the odometer, the tyres still have grease on them from the factory!

2685 MandurahStn 6.04.18

Both photos taken at Mandurah Station, Friday 6th April 2018